Nov 10, 2011 / 96 notes

Smarter Than Me.

Currently, i’m sitting in careers class. A Bullshit class made up to “inform us of our possibilities for future job prospects.” Sadly, I seem to be the only one is this goddamn class who realizes that everything they are teaching us, consists of a Catholic brainwashing machine filled nothing but explaining to us that if we “don’t follow Jesus’ ways, we will fail in life”. Frankly, I have no desire to listen to such a stupid opinion, considering the greatest and smartest successors have made it through life with using LOGIC to get where they are. Science and reason adjust their views on what has been observed, while religion is the denial of observation to preserve ancient ways. If we never change our ways, we get stuck in time, and currently this time isn’t too good. So, here I am, taking a class telling me how my life will amount to nothing with my current views. The best part though, is that this class is MANDATORY! Yes! A class filling my mind with propaganda that’s mandatory! So now, I wake up, listen to some religious bullshit in careers, listen to some religious bullshit in religion class, write about religious bullshit in English, and then learn about how physics was some religious bullshit in science! I love our educational system. Best yet, the teachers argue with me that they are smarter than me; that i’m wrong. I’m sorry sir, I forgot logic was stupid.

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